Fly M Rainy here. Such a funny name, so now I just go by Rainy.

I came up from Florida the last Sunday of September and am I happy to be here. I am officially retired from racing.

I will turn 3 years old in November and you know for us girls, that is when living starts. I am a very sweet tempered girl, spunky and smart. I am learning from my foster brothers – wow, they really just gobble their food, but I am a lady so I take my time. My foster Mom gives me what she calls treats; first I have to sniff and then I eat because they are very tasty.

Living in a home is very different for me but I am learning quickly. The other day I saw another dog by the fire place and started barking. I was a little confused because this other dog was very pretty and she looked like me. I am also learning to play – in my home, there is a fuzzy pink monster. It squeaks and when I throw it around, my back side in up in the air. Ah, the joys of retirement.

I would love to meet you; for more information on me, please contact Heart Bound by emailing .


As my racing name implies I am quite the kisser. I arrived in the fair state of Wisconsin in September and am easing into retired life nicely if I do say so myself.

I am a two year old girl and with a loving personality. In the short time I have been retired, I have found that playing with toys is a lot of fun, I love belly rubs, but mostly I like to be around my people. I love to get attention, but I am very sweet and gentle.

Since this is my first home environment experience, I still have a little puppy in me, but I am learning and want to please.

Do you think you could provide belly rubs for me in the future? If you would like more information on me, please contact Heart Bound for more information on me or if you would like to meet me by emailing



What a dog haul is like arriving

in Wisconsin from Florida.